23 March 2009

Arizona State University Ceramics Program Website Review Part 1 of 2

I have come to realize that the original proposal of evaluating Ceramics Program websites, with the hope of improving the information available to prospective students, isn't as simple as I initially suggested.

Considering that the Ceramic Program pages are usually embedded in the Art Department’s, their format is usually consistent with every other department. This can be problematic because if the format is lacking in general, what hope does any single department, like ceramics, have in setting up an informative and useful site?

I have found that despite the limitations of a general format (which I hope can be discussed in the future), some programs have utilized hyperlinks and/or pdf’s to add useful and pertinent content to their website which may not otherwise be there. These resources allow the program to break from the constraints of the sometimes single page provided them, or other restraints, to emphasize the strengths of their department.

To be continued…

I want to reiterate my hope that this can become a discussion… please consider Ceramics Program websites which you find of interest, and post your comments. Later today (I know I said this morning, but I want to be especially accurate when referencing particular sites) I will be posting my opinion on Arizona State University’s website.

Check back soon!

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