27 May 2009

Ceramic Jar...Beautiful and Gone

This Jar was near the vase pictured below, near the front of the last wood-firing in the Anabigama at the University of North Dakota. It is about 18" tall. It was a 12 hour firing and reached cone 12 in the front. Beautiful, simple, piece... but I know the person who purchased it will enjoy it.

26 May 2009

One of my newest works

I put a quarter at the base to show some scale. The piece was fired to approximately Cone 12, about a foot from the front of the kiln. I have a white shino on the inside, but the outside was left bare to take advantage of the shape and the flashing effects of B-clay.

05 May 2009

Spring 09 Final Wood-Firing

So these are a few select works for the Spring sale, and an image of all the work from the last firing (mainly with the exception of a few).