Artist Statement

My ceramic forms explore the dynamic potential of the functional object, not as an object of utility, but instead as an aesthetic experience first. They are meant to examine the functional shape and our uniquely human response to it, outside the limits of practicality. The pieces are iconic of pottery, but I never consider the distinction between the practical and the impractical. The form becomes itself through the my sense of shape, form and the ceramic object.

The work quietly directs our attention to the functional form, but ever so slightly moves beyond the comfortable. Through the use of nontraditional techniques -epoxied surfaces and the bulging and folding of the clay to pull the work from center- I am usurping the traditions sense of materiality and function by negating the implicit comforts of the functional object. Meant to be unsettling in their ambiguity of place, they may be both functional and impractical; beautiful and ugly.