28 July 2010

My Glaring New Ceramics Studio

Well... here is the gleaming, glaring new ceramics studio. It is nearly complete in all of its fluorescent glory. Now that the white boards are up, I have hardly any excuse to not be producing work. I was hoping to be completed with everything by now, but nothing ever goes so smoothly as we plan and I have to pour the plaster for the wedging/drying table and put up racks for the ware boards.... back to it.

22 July 2010

A Studio To Call My Own

Beautiful, shining, blinding fluorescent lights... ahhhh. This is the current state of my cavern studio, I mean ceramics studio. It looks like there would be more to the left, but nope, just a wall. The throwing wheel was a lucky find and was actually free, but needs a seat. Straight ahead is my wedging table (with a sink directly ahead of it), and to the right is a table for hand building, storing clay and tools and displaying my most motivational work (only old, old, old crap up there right now).

Because I am in a basement and have minimal lighting, I will be backing the whole "L" shaped work space with white, gloss finished board which should reflect some of the light back and make it brighter, but also provide a huge surface to design pots on with dry-erase markers.

A kick wheel would not have been my first choice... but it gets me working again at no expense, and soon enough I will have a electric wheel to add to the space. The last couple of things to do are make a plaster drying table and set up a permanent photo booth, both of which should be done by the end of the week. I am excited to get working again and will post pictures of the finished space.