22 July 2010

A Studio To Call My Own

Beautiful, shining, blinding fluorescent lights... ahhhh. This is the current state of my cavern studio, I mean ceramics studio. It looks like there would be more to the left, but nope, just a wall. The throwing wheel was a lucky find and was actually free, but needs a seat. Straight ahead is my wedging table (with a sink directly ahead of it), and to the right is a table for hand building, storing clay and tools and displaying my most motivational work (only old, old, old crap up there right now).

Because I am in a basement and have minimal lighting, I will be backing the whole "L" shaped work space with white, gloss finished board which should reflect some of the light back and make it brighter, but also provide a huge surface to design pots on with dry-erase markers.

A kick wheel would not have been my first choice... but it gets me working again at no expense, and soon enough I will have a electric wheel to add to the space. The last couple of things to do are make a plaster drying table and set up a permanent photo booth, both of which should be done by the end of the week. I am excited to get working again and will post pictures of the finished space.

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