21 December 2008

Jewelry Final Project

This piece is my final jewelry project for the semester. It is also of my own design, and shows considerably better craftsmanship from my last project. The stone is a black onyx, and while the majority of the ring is nickel, the inner band, on which the stone is set, is silver.

09 December 2008

Metal Work

So this is my second piece of metal work. It is of my own design, and admittedly, the craftsmanship is less than ideal. Regardless, it came out ok.

Work in progress...

This vase is, like the bottle in the previous post, a revisit of a technique I have previously worked with, producing very thin, curving necks, that seem to defy the nature of working with clay.

The Dearly Departed

These pieces are some of those most recently sold. They will be missed...

08 December 2008

Latest wood-fired additions

These two pieces accompanied the latest wood firing, but are a bit unique. The long necked bottle is a revisit of an old idea and technique which, to my surprise, turned out fantastic in the wood firing. I will definitely be revisiting this.

The other piece is a beautiful piece which dripped with ash and flashed perfectly, but not without consequence... the wadding used to ensure the piece is not fused to the shelves by melted ash, fused to the piece. In many cases the wadding comes off relatively easy, but not in this one. Instead, the wadding has been fused to the piece and I have to do surgery with a dremel.

06 December 2008

Latest wood-fired and cone 10 works... Fall 08

These pieces were produced in a gas kiln fired to Cone 10... one of the bottles was refired in the wood fired kiln mentioned below (the white bottle), while the other two bottles are representative of the newest direction in my work; sleeker and lighter, much more functional.

09 November 2008

New Wood-Fired Work

This work is from a the newly built Manabigama, a design of John Thies, at the University of North Dakota. Thus far it has only been fired once, but expect further images soon as the next firing is in two weeks!

04 May 2008

Carbon Trap Shino Whiskey Set

Carbon-trap shino (cone 10) whiskey set. The bottle is approximately 16" high, the glasses being between 3 1/2" - 4".

Even More Bottles Spring 08

These bottles were experiments with the form. They are primarily non-functional because of the narrowness of the neck. Also, they are heavier than I expect my later ones will be. Wheel-throwing the forms from a single piece of clay may necessitate the thicker than usual (for me) bodies. As I close the form to pull the neck a thinner body would be more likely to torque and twist. One solution I expect would work is to let the body dry, covering the upper portion to keep it pliable, before pulling the neck.

More Bottles Spring 08

Bottles Spring 08