06 September 2010

Published Essays by Rob Barnard

Rob Barnard has a great collection of essays spanning the last twenty-five years. They encompase a number of topics which he has categorized them by: "Use," "Tradition-Is There Room For It In The Future?" "The Modern Crafts Establishment," etc... Thoughtful writings which I highly recommend, and a great website in general:


02 September 2010

The Smithsonian Institution's "Archives of American Art"

The Smithsonian Institution has a great resource called the "Archives of American Art." On their website is a link to their “Oral History Interviews” which has interviews with prominent arts and craftspersons in a written transcript form. It is a great resource and the first place that I read about Warren McKenzie. There are interviews with Val Cushing, Jun Kaneko, Kurt Weiser, Charles Furgus Binns, Beatrice Wood... the list goes on and on. I have provided a link below, or find it later in my “Podcasts and Conversations” page: