29 December 2009

More Ceramic Vases... Also Unfinished

The first form in these images is one of the forms that I referenced in my last posting as being a more simple and flowing direction of the folded vases. This particular one is Continental Clay's Grolleg Porcelain while the other was Continental Clay's B-Mix and so they will be fired accordingly. The bellied form being wood-fired with only the inside glazed and this one will be fired to gas to cone 10 if I can figure out how to salt glaze the piece without contaminating the kiln... three foot sagger perhaps?

While making it I payed very close attention to the shadows. I realize that the lighting will change depending on the pieces location but have done my best to take different lighting angles into consideration and keep it visually interesting from every angle. I have also payed close attention to creating a interesting silhouette from every angle (or so I hope).

The second vase is obviously much smaller with the intention of pursuing subtle strength. It is slightly  influenced by my knuckled work from two years ago but to a much smaller extent. Whereas those pieces had contorted necks with many folds which created the imagery of intestines (I like the sound of knuckles better...), this has incorporated just one knuckle so as to not overburden the piece visually.

28 December 2009

Progress... Current Ceramic Bottles and Vase

These are examples of my current ceramic pottery and sculptural vessels, though none of them are finished. The very top picture is the result of pushing what I have called my, for lack of a better name,  "folded and bellied" vases. This particular vase is approximately 2 1/2 ft and is both the largest and most emphasized of these works. I consider this still early in the forms development and have many ideas on where to go with it next.

Pushing these forms so far has, interestingly, directed my attention towards working simultaneously on very simple, but still bellied and flowing, forms that are reminiscent of this forms early stages but with much more maturity. I don't currently have any of these vases displayed on my blog but should soon.

The ceramic bottles are also early in their development though are obviously the product of my time in the ceramic's studio. I can't say that the pictures indicate the time or energy I have spent of them, but once they are finished they should come across quite differently. Once I have finished some of these completely I will make note of the process.

And no... I had no intention of advertising for Target.