28 December 2009

Progress... Current Ceramic Bottles and Vase

These are examples of my current ceramic pottery and sculptural vessels, though none of them are finished. The very top picture is the result of pushing what I have called my, for lack of a better name,  "folded and bellied" vases. This particular vase is approximately 2 1/2 ft and is both the largest and most emphasized of these works. I consider this still early in the forms development and have many ideas on where to go with it next.

Pushing these forms so far has, interestingly, directed my attention towards working simultaneously on very simple, but still bellied and flowing, forms that are reminiscent of this forms early stages but with much more maturity. I don't currently have any of these vases displayed on my blog but should soon.

The ceramic bottles are also early in their development though are obviously the product of my time in the ceramic's studio. I can't say that the pictures indicate the time or energy I have spent of them, but once they are finished they should come across quite differently. Once I have finished some of these completely I will make note of the process.

And no... I had no intention of advertising for Target.


jim gottuso said...

love those sculptural vessels... great idea!

Corbin Webster said...

I really like the vase with the folded top to it. Are these thrown and then altered?

Michael Arnold said...

Thanks for the comments! Corbin, the form is thrown in multiple sections and then altered. Even the altered lip was thrown as an enclosed form, cut off and altered.

I am sure that some of it could have been done using different techniques, but I love to throw and am comfortable making these in that fashion.

Lumi 9 Painting said...

Very nice, evocative shapes. Movement, growth, balance. Nice.