22 April 2011

University of Minnesota Wood-Firing, Round 2

These are two of the successfully fired pieces from the last soda chamber, wood-firing at the University of Minnesota. While I didn't have a lot of work in the firing, I had too few pieces come out... the built up soda peeled off and fell in large pieces on much of the work. 

To make things worse, the top-most piece was stolen. Such is life...

08 March 2011

University of Minnesota Wood Firing March 2011

Here are a few images of the work from my recent firing of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis wood fired cantenary arch kiln. It was fired for 32 hours to cone 11. I will replace these photos with more professional shots shortly.

06 March 2011

Owen Rye, Dick Lehman, and Steve Harrison: Wood Fired Potters

I have posted links to the articles of Owen Rye, Dick Lehman, and Steve Harrison under the heading of "Lectures and Articles on Craft". All three of these potters make wood-fired work and most of their articles explore the techniques and aesthetics of wood firing. Enjoy!

Owen Rye:

Dick Lehman:

Steve Harrison: