25 February 2010

New Porcelain Bowl Design

This is a new bowl design that came out of my last cone 10 reduction firing. The outside is a shino which I wax resisted over the markings.

23 February 2010

Successful Firing...Relief

This is a picture of the successful firing of the pieces shown in the previous post. As there are so many pieces, I have posted a group photo and two of my favorite pieces. The intention was to keep the pieces more orange than not, to really contrast against the running ash glaze, but despite my efforts, I still had one piece that carbon trapped considerably (as posted in first individual picture). Surprisingly, I really liked it and now wish that I had a bit more carbon trapping on each piece... the second individual picture is a good example of what I will attempt to get in following firings.

The pieces are all thrown and altered porcelain, fired to cone 10 in reduction. They have been glazed with a carbon trap shino, and then the top portion coated heavily with an ash glaze. 

18 February 2010

Commissioned Porcelain Vessels, and Extras

The ten bellied, porcelain vessels on the left are pieces commissioned for a banquet that have yet to be fired. Unlike previous, similar, pieces these were created from a single thrown cylinder. Previously my ceramic vessels with elongated necks were done in two parts. The body of the form being done separately from the neck. I have finally refined the process such that smaller forms (between 12-16" tall) can be done from a single piece, making the whole process more successful and enjoyable. 

The three pieces to the right are a continued exploration of forms. The smallest bottle will be added to my epoxied body of work.

12 February 2010

BFA Exhibition at the Third Street Gallery!!

This is the postcard for my B.F.A. exhibition. The exhibition will be at the Third Street Gallery in Grand Forks, North Dakota, March 25th - April 16th. The opening is March 25th at 7pm-9pm. As in the photo, the show will present my epoxied work.

Oops...Another wood-fired work from the last firing