18 March 2009

Courting of the Graduate Schools at NCECA

With NCECA coming upon us in a few weeks, starting a blog which caters to undergraduate and MFA students seems especially appropriate. NCECA gives us the opportunity to impress our work on school recruiters – usually the professors themselves because Ceramics is still a small, comfortable, community – and potentially make or break our dreams with a stupid or intelligent comment; luckily there is our portfolio to save us from our mouths…. But what about those schools and students who miss out on this strange, time-honored, courting tradition?

Unfortunately too many programs have underdeveloped or poorly managed websites for the prospective student to easily navigate or acquire recent, even relevant, information. This is a disservice to both the school and the student who may not ever meet, despite great chemistry, because of this simple but seemingly overlooked issue.

I am interested in people posting examples of great, and not so great, Ceramics program websites. This is not an opportunity to criticize, but instead to help. To be direct, I hope this can become a resource for professors and professionals to reference for improving their programs through the constructive and cooperative efforts of today’s students.

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