31 December 2010

Were You Exposed to Craft Theory as an Undergraduate Art Student?

I have posted a polled question on the right side of my blog. I am trying to gather information on how many undergraduate art students are exposed to craft theory. I am interested in gathering poll data, but please leave comments under this thread too.

When I refer to "craft theory" I am not simply referring to craft as related to art, or the classic "is craft art?" argument. This seems to be constantly discussed and argued within academia. Instead I mean the study and relationship of craft within the context of society, industry, design, and yes... art too.

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Jonathan said...

I am very interested in "craft" as it relates to folk art. I desire an awakening (which I feel is happening) in my own and future generations. Simple, meaningful, hand-made items to be enjoyed by idividuals, families, children, and artisans alike. I respect the Amish for using this appeal to market their hand-made ware... though I recently saw an informercial for an Amish made electric imitation wood-burning heater... that's too far...