19 September 2009


The second piece is the culmination of my interest and research in reevaluating what functional ceramics is and can be. Despite its look it is bone-dry porcelain... unfired.


noneya said...

I struggle with the same things you speak of in your artist statement. I am a ceramic art student and I appreciate the balance that you have been able to find between anxiety and stability. The moment that you "center" yourself is a great compliment to the stability of a thrown vessel. You find your self in a tranquil moment when nothing else matters but what your working on. This is my meditation practice also.
Congratulations on your 4' vessel, this is not an easily achievable task.
I think that the unstable looking thrown forms that you have created are curious and well thought out.
Peace. and Cheers.

Alaina Ashley Cooper said...

You have some amazing work, inspirational.